Monthly Archives: March 2012

“It’s All In How You Raise Them” … Or Is It?

It’s funny how the pendulum swings … I have noticed a disturbing trend recently among dog owners and rescuers. “Back in the day” (whenever that was), if a dog was aggressive or destructive or difficult to train, people either punished it severely, or got rid of it. Behavior science and public education have come a long way since then, but I’m afraid the blame-game has just found a new target. Though mantras like “there are no bad dogs; only bad […]

E-Collar Training vs. Clicker Training

Imagine you’re in elementary school again, playing the “warmer/colder” game – you know, the one where a friend chooses an item in the room and tells you “warmer” when you’re getting close, and “colder” when you are going the wrong way. Now, imagine every time you get “warmer”, your friend gives you an M&M. It’s not a huge reward, but it’s motivating, tasty, and the game is fun in and of itself. You are more and more excited to try […]