Barky Dogs – Level 1

**Space is extremely limited, so sign up now!**

Barky Dogs – Level 1 consists of 6 group classes. The class will be on a rolling enrollment schedule, which means as soon as one dog graduates we will fill the spot with another. That way, the dogs get to work around a variety of different dogs throughout the 6 sessions.

“What are the goals? What will my dog need to ‘graduate’?” Dogs completing Level 1 should be able to refocus on their owner after noticing another dog; walk alongside another dog 10 feet away; approach and pass another dog.

“Will my dog ‘graduate’ after 6 sessions?” This depends entirely on your dog, and on your ability to work between classes. Most teams are able to move to Level 2 after 6 sessions. If your dog isn’t ready, you can continue signing up for Level 1 sessions for as long as necessary.

“Is this class right for my dog?” This class is for dogs who bark, lunge, or otherwise make a scene when they are in public on a leash and see another dog. These behaviors can be rooted in fear, anxiety, aggression, or over-excitement. This class is not appropriate for human directed aggression or reactivity (though we would be happy to help you in private sessions). If your dog has a bite history (has broken skin on another dog), we will need to discuss with you whether your dog would do well in class. Safety is our #1 priority.

Equipment needed:

  • Treat pouch such as
  • Hands free leash such as, or you can make your own by looping a 4 foot leash through a belt.
  • Water bowl and water
  • Secure equipment. We highly recommend the Freedom Harness. An EasyWalk is also acceptable, but is not as well made. We would prefer dogs to be on harnesses for better control – however, if you must use a collar instead, it will need to be a fabric martingale collar so the dog cannot slip out of it. Head halters such as the Gentle Leader are also acceptable.
  • A Kong with your dogs favorite stuffing (peanut butter, canned food, etc.) for break time in the car
  • High value treats – no exceptions! Must be along the lines of chicken, hot dog, cheese, etc.

When & Where:

  • 10:30am Sundays in Sykesville, on Bartholow Road near 97 (address provided after registration)
  • More locations will be added again in the Spring (it’s cold out there!)

Level 1 of the Barky Dogs Program is $50/class for a minimum of 6 classes for $300. You may also buy a package of 6 sessions along with a one-on-one session to give you a head start before your first class, or after class to troubleshoot any remaining problem areas.

**There will be some occasions when the dogs will need to wait in the car. This could be to give them a break, to let the humans talk without having to manage their dogs, or to let individual dogs practice one at a time. Please bring whatever is necessary for your dog to be comfortable for 15 minutes in your car – crates, stuffed kong toys, bones, etc. If there is no way your dog can wait in a car without panicking or being destructive, please contact us and we will see what other arrangements can be made.**

How to sign up:

Choose your class sessions below! Make sure to choose 6 or more.