Group Training Walks & Barky Dogs – Level 2

Created for dogs who need a little extra help with manners in public, whether they are reactive or just distracted and excited, our Group Training Walks will help your dog focus and relax around other dogs and people.

If your dog is reactive – barks or carries on around other dogs – you MUST be a graduate of our Barky Dogs: Level 1. All other dogs MUST either be a current/former client, or purchase a $60 one-on-one orientation for us to get to know your dog and your needs.

We will work on training for all dogs – polite walking, moving to the side of the path and sitting while other dogs pass, polite greeting of humans, paying attention around distractions, etc. As well as getting some good exercise!

**Dogs are NOT to greet each other on-leash without assistance from the trainer.**

Walks are $20 each, and can be paid by Paypal or in person. A package of 10 walks can be purchased for $150.

Each walk will be scored on a difficulty scale:

Difficulty 1: No chance of seeing non-group dogs
Difficulty 2: Some chance of seeing non-group dogs
Difficulty 3: You will see non-group dogs

To participate, please join our Facebook group or email us for scheduling:

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