“Sleepaway Camp” – Board and Train Program

Thanks to our wonderful clients, we are busier than ever!

We are completely booked for all board & train until January.

We are fully booked for all boarding for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you are in need of a boarding referral, please send us an email.

Canine Lifestyle Academy’s “Sleepaway Camp” Board and Train Program provides you with tangible, effective dog training solutions. Consistency is key, and Board and Train is an efficient way to address specific behavior problems, allow your dog to brush up on basic obedience, and receive mental and physical exercise in a healthy, stable environment.

Whether you’re going out of town, or you need extra assistance with certain behaviors, our Board and Train program can help. Unlike most other Board and Train programs in Maryland, we believe learning should be fun for both dogs and humans alike; therefore we never use force, fear, or coercion in our training. We are proud to offer a positive, effective Board and Train experience for our clients.

We also offer pure boarding, if you’d like your dog to come to “Camp” instead of a kennel while you’re away. This is perfect for “Special Needs” dogs who can’t go to traditional kennels. We take a maximum of 2 dogs at a time, they never have to see other dogs or humans besides the trainer if needed. We board many fearful, anxious, and aggressive dogs, allowing their owners to have a much needed vacation – sometimes for the first time in years!


What’s included:

  • Only ONE Board & Train client at a time – individual attention!
  • Only TWO additional boarding clients at a time – no need to ever see another dog if they are aggressive, anxious, or reactive.
  • Boarding in a home environment – NOT a busy kennel
  • A quiet, climate controlled, smoke free environment
  • A half acre yard with a 6 foot fence on a 9 acre property surrounded by farmland – keeping it quiet for sensitive dogs!
  • Structured training sessions throughout the day
  • Potty breaks, exercise, and social time every 2-4 hours during the day
  • Well socialized dogs available for play time, if applicable
  • Comfortable, indoor 4×4 kennel for downtime, unless crate training is needed
  • We happily accept credit cards and payment plans



  • 10 days for $1800 – includes initial consult & 2 follow-up sessions. Examples: marshall 032brushing up basic obedience; polite walking; recall; handling such as nail trims
  • 2 weeks for $2200 – includes initial consult & 2 follow-up sessions. Examples: Self control work for hyper “crazy” dogs; jumping & mouthing; settling at home; teaching basic obedience
  • 3 weeks for $3000 – includes initial consult & 2 follow-up sessions. Examples: advanced obedience & settling in public; off-leash obedience; reactivity (barking at other dogs) on-leash; combinations of any of the above
  • PUPPY HEAD-START SPECIAL: For dogs 6 months and under. Receive basic training, handling, and socialization including playing with dogs, meeting new people, going into public places and practicing polite behaviors. 7 days & 1 follow-up for $900
  • Boarding & A La Carte: $60/night for the same boarding, exercise, and social time but without training. You can add training for $40/hour if you’d like some extra practice (no follow up sessions included).


Sleepaway Camp Frequently Asked Questions:

  • “When does training occur?” – We train every time the dogs are out of their kennels! Dogs learn fastest with short sessions interspersed with play and daily life, which is what makes board & train so much more effective than the traditional hour long in-home visit twice a week.
  • “Will they get to play with other dogs?” – If you think your dog would enjoy dog-dog play, we will assess them after they have settled in and if they are up for it they can play with our resident dogs or other dog friendly boarders! *Puppies ALWAYS get dog-dog play time as part of their socialization.
  • “My dog is scared of everything. Can you help?” – Probably not with Sleepaway Camp. Most fearful dogs take comfort from structure and routine, and moving them away from the home and people they are familiar with usually makes them nervous enough that they can’t learn very well. We keep a nicely structured, quiet home for times we need to board fearful dogs, but training is often too much for them. We’d be happy to meet with you and assess your specific situation if it’s still something you’d like to consider!
  • “My dog is aggressive towards people. Can you help?” – Again, probably not with Sleepaway Camp. First, many human aggression issues stem from dogs guarding their own home or owners, which we can’t reproduce here. Second, we do not yet have enough trainers on staff to be “decoy humans” to really generalize behavior modification training like we can with dog-dog issues. The human aggressive dogs we’ve taken for Sleepaway Camp in the past have come for management training such as – a rock solid recall; a settle on your bed; relaxation training; attention and walking skills. We’d be happy to meet with you to assess your dog’s specific needs and decide if board and train could be a good training option for you.


Space is extremely limited. Register your dog for  “Sleepaway Camp” today!


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