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Puppy Socialization: Myths Vs. Reality

In the past twenty-some years, trainers and behaviorists have been pushing the importance of early puppy socialization – starting before puppies are finished their puppy shots. This has done a huge amount of good for the average puppy – more people are aware that puppy class and socialization are part of owning a baby puppy. Early socialization IS crucial, but this push has brought with it other myths and misunderstandings about what socialization is; how to go about it; and […]

Happy Dog? Signs of Stress or Nervousness

Are you able to tell the difference between a happy dog and a nervous dog? Most people can tell if a dog is very upset, but we have found that the more subtle signs often get overlooked. Knowing the first signs that a dog is unsure about something will allow you to resolve the situation before it becomes unmanageable, or the dog reacts out of fear or stress. If you can tell when a dog is uncomfortable, you can keep […]

Social Butterfly? Or Homebody? Managing Your Dog in Public

We spent this past weekend at two different dog events helping man the Jasmine’s House booth. Both events were a huge success, but they really got me thinking about dogs in public places. For the most part, everything went great, but at both events there was some barking, some “snarking” (a bark/snarl/snap with no damage), and some really stressed out dogs. How can you tell if a busy dog event is the right choice for your dog? And once there, […]

Puppy Costume Party!

Halloween can be a scary time for dogs – who socializes their puppy to ghosts, goblins, and monsters? So when your adult dog sees all these crazy creatures at your front door, it can be quite upsetting to them. Well, let’s change that! On Oct. 24th we will be having a Puppy Costume Party — except there’s a catch. The puppies won’t be in costume, we will! Let’s help these puppies realize that behind the masks are real people with […]

Training Recall – CGC Challenge Day 3

There are many ways to train a recall, and I occasionally use different techniques with different dogs. But by far my favorite method of teaching recall is using a hand target – teaching the dog to come and bump their nose against your hand when you call them. This gets them to come all the way to you, make contact with you, and makes it easy for you to grab their collar in an emergency. It also gives them a […]

The Importance of Recall – CGC Challenge Day 2

We are a day behind on training and posting, because yesterday we witnessed one of every dog owners worst nightmares: a dog being hit by a car. We don’t know if he’s ok, we don’t know the neighbor and I’m afraid to ask. The car was not going fast, so we can only hope. It ranks up there with the most horrible moments of my life, and it wasn’t even a dog I knew. It really drove the point home […]

Sinclair’s CGC Challenge – Day 1

(To find out what Sinclair’s Challenge is, check our post from yesterday.) Today, my goal was to find out what he could do, and to start working on what I know he has a problem with – polite walking. I knew he had already learned sit, down, and stay, but he surprised me with how well he knows them! However, there is a key piece to this puzzle that is missing. Watch and see what we need to work on: We […]

Sinclair’s Ten Day CGC Challenge

Hello! Wow, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? We’ve been busy busy busy fostering, getting married, and going on our honeymoon! We’re back now, and ready to hit the road running and blog again. Meet Sinclair! I fell in love with this sweet boy’s face when he was first posted as “needing rescue” on the BARCS Facebook page. I admit,  I’ve always had a soft spot for huge goofy ears! At the time, we had another foster dog and couldn’t take […]

CGC Test on July 7th

  Canine Lifestyle Academy and Jasmine’s House Pit Bull Organization are excited to announce our first public Canine Good Citizen test! Our goal is to CGC certify as many bully breed dogs in Maryland as possible – however, ALL dogs are welcome to take the exam! To become a Canine Good Citizen, your dog will need to be able to follow the guidelines listed here: AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Program. The cost per dog is $15, with the majority of […]

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“It’s All In How You Raise Them” … Or Is It?

It’s funny how the pendulum swings … I have noticed a disturbing trend recently among dog owners and rescuers. “Back in the day” (whenever that was), if a dog was aggressive or destructive or difficult to train, people either punished it severely, or got rid of it. Behavior science and public education have come a long way since then, but I’m afraid the blame-game has just found a new target. Though mantras like “there are no bad dogs; only bad […]