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E-Collar Training vs. Clicker Training

Imagine you’re in elementary school again, playing the “warmer/colder” game – you know, the one where a friend chooses an item in the room and tells you “warmer” when you’re getting close, and “colder” when you are going the wrong way. Now, imagine every time you get “warmer”, your friend gives you an M&M. It’s not a huge reward, but it’s motivating, tasty, and the game is fun in and of itself. You are more and more excited to try […]

New Off-Leash Puppy Classes!

Join us in Westminster on Wednesday nights for puppy socialization and training. Did you know that puppies need to be socialized to hundreds of people, dogs, objects, and sounds before they are 16 weeks old? Up until 16 weeks puppies are sponges for knowledge, learning what is safe and what is scary in the world, and learning doggy social skills. It is very easy to get a baby puppy acclimated to something new – everything is new to them! At […]

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The End Result

Kyra waiting patiently on the vet exam table

Picture this: You wake up, and go to take your dog out for his morning walk. He sits patiently while you hook his leash to his collar. As you walk out the door, he stops and turns to look at you, making sure you’re ready to go. On your walk, he moseys calmly on a loose leash, sniffing the grass but keeping up with you. After he does his business, you make your way home, where you proceed to get […]

Recall Series: Part 1

“Come Fido!” The owner calls in a cheery voice. Fido, who had been sniffing a choice blade of grass, looks up and spots his two-legged companion. With a joyous expression on his face, Fido romps to his owner, tail wagging all the way.   Does this sound familiar? No? How about this: “Come Fido! Fido, come! Come HERE! Fido, COME darnit! Come come COME!!!” If you are nodding your head and rolling your eyes, read on!

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Staying Cool and Safe

Summer is a great time to have a dog – you can take them swimming, you can go hiking, have picnics. The kids are home, so they can help play with and walk the dog. It stays light out much later, so there’s more time in the day. But summer is not always fun for you or your dog – it is HOT! Here are some tips to keep your dog safe and cool during the summer heat waves. Exercise […]

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Tugging With Your Dog

Tug is a great game to play with your dog – it can be a great reward during training, a great way to exercise, or just a lot of fun! Contrary to what you might have heard, tugging does not cause your dog to be aggressive. That being said, there are rules to tug that your dog must learn and follow for both of you to have fun and stay safe.   Rule #1: Do not take the tug unless […]

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“But He Knows Better!”

“But He Knows Better!” How many times have you uttered this in frustration about your dog? Maybe you’re at Petsmart and you ask him to sit, but he blows you off. Or you’ve taken her for a walk and she suddenly starts pulling like a draft horse to get to another dog. Or you have company over, and he jumps on them to say hi – he never does that to you! Why, when your dog obviously knows the behaviors […]

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National Dog Bite Prevention Week

This week is National Dog Bite Prevention Week, which is a great topic to kick off our new blog! Did you know? “Among children, the rate of dog bite–related injuries is highest for those ages 5 to 9 years, and children are more likely than adults to receive medical attention for dog bites.” ( “Most dog bites affecting young children occur during everyday activities and while interacting with familiar dogs.” ( “But,” you say, “Fido would never hurt Jimmy.  He’s […]

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