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Training Recall – CGC Challenge Day 3

There are many ways to train a recall, and I occasionally use different techniques with different dogs. But by far my favorite method of teaching recall is using a hand target – teaching the dog to come and bump their nose against your hand when you call them. This gets them to come all the way to you, make contact with you, and makes it easy for you to grab their collar in an emergency. It also gives them a […]

Sinclair’s CGC Challenge – Day 1

(To find out what Sinclair’s Challenge is, check our post from yesterday.)┬áToday, my goal was to find out what he could do, and to start working on what I know he has a problem with – polite walking. I knew he had already learned sit, down, and stay, but he surprised me with how well he knows them! However, there is a key piece to this puzzle that is missing. Watch and see what we need to work on: We […]

Tugging With Your Dog

Tug is a great game to play with your dog – it can be a great reward during training, a great way to exercise, or just a lot of fun! Contrary to what you might have heard, tugging does not cause your dog to be aggressive. That being said, there are rules to tug that your dog must learn and follow for both of you to have fun and stay safe.   Rule #1: Do not take the tug unless […]

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