“While-You-Work” Training

“While-You-Work” Training


Does your dog have a lot to learn, but you have no time to teach him? Does the thought of one more thing on your schedule make you want to join the circus? Is your untrained dog making your stressful life even more stressful?

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How it works:

At an initial visit to meet your family, your dog, and discuss your goals, we will write up an individualized training plan and recommendation for the number of sessions you will need. Then, we come to your house during the day several times a week and work with your dog while you’re away. Depending on the number of sessions you purchase, we will meet with you either at the end of your package, or once a week to discuss your dog’s progress. Once your dog is trained to the level you want, we will show you how to maintain the behavior when we’re gone. You will also receive one follow-up session several weeks after training ends, to troubleshoot any problems or questions you might have.

Who it’s for:

Busy families who need their dog trained but either cannot find the time, or don’t enjoy doing it themselves. We have seen from experience that more people will have more success with this training program than a typical coaching-type program, where we teach you how to train your dog. We are professionals, and do this every day – we can make progress with your dog much quicker and easier than you can! Why go through the frustration of trying to learn a whole new profession? Does your electrician expect you to learn how to rewire your house yourself? Then why should a dog trainer expect you to train your own dog?

We offer this service within 30 miles of Sykesville, Maryland. This includes Westminster, Eldersburg, Mount Airy, Reisterstown, Columbia, Elkridge, Ellicott City, and surrounding areas. If you are outside of our service area, a mileage fee may apply.

What you get:

Personalized, one-on-one training with a Professional Dog Trainer; a higher rate of success than training on your own; quicker results than training on your own; an initial consult plus at least two follow-up meetings with you to make sure the transfer of behaviors goes smoothly; email and phone support for 6 months after your last session.

What it costs:

Packages vary in price depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. To give you an idea – for a few basic behaviors trained to a high level, 2 weeks of 3 sessions per week is average. The price for such a package is $800, which includes the initial consult, and two follow up meetings.*

Since it is difficult to know how many sessions you will need, we will do the initial consult and training plan write-up with no obligation for $90, which can be applied to the cost of your package if you decide to proceed.

There are limited spots available. Book your Initial Consult now!

*CLA accepts major credits cards as well as offering payment plans for large packages. CLA is fully insured.