Group Classes

Looking for a way to stay hands-on with your dog’s learning? Want to get your training a little more “real world?” Need a more budget friendly way to work on your pup’s manners? Group classes are a great option for dozens of reasons – join us and find out just how much fun you can have with your dog!

For puppies under 16 weeks of age, come to our Off Leash Puppy Socialization class to learn everything and anything about raising a happy, healthy, well rounded puppy, work on basic manners, and let your pup burn some energy with some friends!

For dogs over 5 months of age, check out our adult manners class, “Surviving the Terrible Teens!” Living with an adolescent dog can be just as exhausting as a baby puppy – plus all the attitude of a teenager, and now they can reach those higher counters and pull with the full weight of an adult dog! Join us to work on those bad habits, create some good ones, and get a better understanding of your dog.

For dogs who bark, lunge, growl, pull, scream, and otherwise act out of control when they see other dogs while out on walks – it doesn’t always have to be that way! Sign up for Barky Dog, to systematically teach your dog to feel better about other dogs, plus the added benefit of a human support group!

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