Off-Leash Puppy Socialization Classes!

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Did you know that puppies need to be socialized to hundreds of people, dogs, objects, and sounds before they are 16 weeks old?

Up until 16 weeks puppies are sponges for knowledge, learning what is safe and what is scary in the world, and learning doggy social skills. It is very easy to get a baby puppy acclimated to something new – everything is new to them!

At about 16 weeks, however, they start to transition from baby puppy to adolescence and become suspicious of anything unfamiliar. After that 16 week “window” closes, it is a lot more difficult and time-consuming to get your dog acclimated to new things – and sometimes, the damage done by a lack of early socialization can never be fully undone.

That’s why it is essential that you get your puppy in off-leash puppy socialization classes as young as possible!

Who it’s for:

Puppies who are under 18 weeks old, and who have been to their initial puppy vet visit.

How it works:

Sign up for classes that work for your schedule, for as long as your puppy is under 18 weeks of age! Be sure to sign up 24 hours before class starts, and if something comes up – cancel with 24 hours notice to receive a refund.

Bring your hungry puppy, a TON of yummy, easy on the stomach treats (boiled chicken, string cheese, lunch meat, etc), and a copy of your puppy’s vaccines!

What you’ll learn:

Along with being socialized to other dogs, people, sounds, and objects, here are some of the things we’ll cover in class:

  • Attention in distracting locations
  • Walk nicely on a leash
  • Sit
  • Settle (lay down and chill)
  • Come when called
  • Handling (allow you to touch their feet, ears, etc)
  • Drop it

We will also cover normal puppy issues such as:

  • Nipping
  • Chewing
  • House Training
  • Jumping

What it costs:

$30 per class,
$175 for a 6 class package, a treat pouch,
and access to our clients only Facebook page!

When and Where:

  • 11:45 am on Saturday mornings
  • Located in Union Bridge, a few miles northwest the intersection of Green Valley Rd & Liberty Rd
  • Classes are held outdoors so puppies can practice around all the distractions they’ll see in the real world! Wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather!

How to sign up:

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If you have any questions, please email

See you in class!



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