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Trying to train your dog yourself can result in loads of frustration for you and your dog. That’s probably why you’re here! Dog obedience training requires a lot of practice, a lot of specialized education, and a lot of time and patience – all things that you probably don’t have an abundance of! With Canine Lifestyle Academy, we do the dirty work, and you reap the rewards. Don’t have time to spend getting your dog to behave the way you’d like? We’ll do it for you, then transfer the skills to you and show you how to maintain them. With our “While-You-Work” day training programs, we can train while you’re at work or running errands, and meet regularly to discuss progress and transfer skills. Sign up for a Coaching Program and we can get the whole family started off on the right foot.

Starting off on the right foot is especially important for new puppies – but adding a new puppy to the household can be overwhelming for even the most prepared owner with the most flexible schedule. If you’re like most of us, you could probably use a little extra help! Our “Puppy Prodigy” program is designed for the busy families who want to make sure their puppies get the best start possible – a month long socialization and training package, complete with play dates, field trips, basic manners, and private sessions with both of you at home!

See a program you like? Go ahead and sign up, and we’ll schedule your first consult! Not sure where to start, or what program is the right fit for your family? Schedule an initial consult for $150 – we will go over your dog’s history, your needs and your goals, get you started with tips, and go over your options. If you decide to sign up for a program, your $150 will be applied towards the total cost of that package.

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