“Train-ercise” Midday Exercise & Training

Could your dog use more attention and exercise than you are able to give him during the week? Have you considered hiring a dog walker, but your dog is crazy on a leash? Is a 20 minute walk just a “warmup” for your high energy pup? Do you have a doggy Einstein who needs to work his brain to really be calm and relaxed?

We can help!

Sign up for our Train-ercise program and come home to a happy, relaxed dog!

How it works:

We come to your house 3 times a week during the day, and take your dog out for 30-50 minutes mental and physical exercise. Depending on your dog, your property, and your needs, we will use a combination of walks, jogs, toys, games, and training to tire out your dog’s body and mind. We will train and encourage good manners while we work, such as polite walking, dropping toys on cue, waiting to go through doorways, etc. We will meet at the beginning to go over your goals, and you will also get regular emails with an update on how things went.

Who it’s for:

Any dog! Mostly, dogs who are cooped up most of the day and would benefit from a mid-day exercise visit, along with basic obedience skills. Dogs who are unable to participate in doggy daycares, dog parks, or regular dog walks will greatly benefit from this service!

The Train-ercise program is currently available in Carroll County, within 10 miles of Eldersburg, MD.

What it costs:

  • 30 minute visits = $30
  • 50 minute visits = $45

There are limited spots available. Book your Initial Consult now!

*CLA accepts major credits cards as well as offering payment plans for large packages.