What We Do

At Canine Lifestyle Academy, our goal is to keep dogs in their homes by providing quick, effective obedience training and behavior problem solutions. We want you and your dog to be successful. We want to make your lives easier. Imagine not having to yell at your dog every day! That’s what we can deliver.

What methods do you use?

As trainers, we have a lot of tools in our toolbox to tailor training for your individual dog and family. However, at CLA we do not use any physical corrections – our training is pain-free and science-based. Our goal is to teach your dog to WANT to behave. A dog (or person!) who behaves because they are forced to is always looking for an “out” – a way to skirt the rules. On the other hand, a dog (or person) who behaves because they are motivated and really want to is much more enthusiastic and cooperative!

I have a large/strong/unruly dog – you can’t train him with treats!

Well, any animal that’s alive and well can be trained using treats – how do you think they train the dolphins at the aquarium, and the lions at the zoo? However, treats are only a part of the many tools we bring with us in training. We can use anything the dog loves to reward behavior including food, toys, attention, going for a walk, getting a belly rub, sniffing a tree, etc. We can also use the removal of those things as a consequence for undesirable behavior. If you’re still unsure, check out our videos or ask to speak to former clients. We’re certain you won’t be disappointed!

What types of dogs do you train?

All types! We do not discriminate based on breed. In fact, we are huge bully-breed lovers and would be thrilled to help yours become an ambassador for their breed. We will train any breed – big, small, exuberant, shy, hyper, or anxious.

What types of behaviors do you train?

Some of our favorite things to work on are puppy socialization and early training; helping hyper dogs learn to relax; and helping scared dogs be more confident (including dogs with leash aggression). House training, leash training, jumping, nipping, chewing, getting under foot, and anxiety issues are just some of the problems we help on a regular basis. We would be happy to help you with any behavior or obedience training problem you have – just ask!


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