We are open for boarding for clients who have stayed with us before, and those who will not require a meet and greet prior to boarding.
If you are unsure if you are unsure if you fit these categories, please don’t hesitate to
send us an email.

Just looking for somewhere for your dog to stay while you go out of town? Look no further.

Anxious? Reactive? Aggressive? Noise sensitive? Just a little sensitive to life in general?

(Maybe you’re a little sensitive, and want to ensure your pup has the best care while you’re away? We understand that, too. No judgement.)

Our standard boarding option doesn’t offer training, but our standard of care never changes.

She has taken such wonderful care of my more, ahem, challenging dog for boarding several times, which has enabled my husband and me to take out-of-state trips together for the first time in years. Most tellingly, because our dog can get wound up for days after a stressful event, she radiated calm after returning from Meghan’s and is obviously thrilled to go back.

Leah D.

Boarding is $60 per night, and is all inclusive. 


Unlike other boarding facilities that will nickle and dime you for “optional” services that seem less than optional, our set price includes everything your dog may need to be happy, safe, and comfortable while in our care.

  • feeding your provided food 2-3 times per day, as directed
  • giving medication, as directed
  • exercise and potty breaks every 2-4 hours
  • play time with other dogs, if appropriate
  • one on one time for some human affection and loving
  • peanut butter kongs distributed during down time – other treats or chews given if provided by owners
Frequently Asked Boarding Questions
Where will my dog stay?

We have a variety of sizes and types of crates, as well as multiple 5 ft by 5 ft freestanding kennels where dogs spend their downtime, including overnight.

As of January 2020, our boarding dogs will be staying in the newly finished barn, located less than 100 yards from Meghan’s back door. The barn is fully finished, with electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and a closed circuit video monitoring system so Meghan is able to keep an eye on the dogs at all times.

The dogs will have supervised access to a fully fenced yard of approximately 1 acre.

This move to the barn (from the finished basement) will give the dogs a less stressful environment, away from the noises of a household with two dogs, a young child, and three generations of humans!

How many dogs do you have at once?

We may have up to 4-5 dogs in total boarding with us at any one time.

My dog is reactive. Will that be okay?

Absolutely. Because we only have 4-5 dogs staying at any one time, we can restrict all interaction between your dog and any other we have staying with us – including visual! Not only are reactive dogs allowed, they’re our speciality.

What about confinement or separation anxiety?

Unfortunately, dogs who are unable to be confined are the only dogs we cannot take for boarding. We need to keep all other dogs boarding with us safe, which means being able to restrict access in some way while keeping everyone safe, relaxed, and comfortable. This means that all dogs need to be able to willingly go in to a kennel or crate, and truly relax while in there. Excessive barking, whining, pacing, chewing at the bars, or digging at the floor, is a sign that the dog is too anxious to be confined for an extended period of time, and therefore would not be a good candidate for boarding with us. We are happy to do a trial overnight if you are unsure how your dog will do being crated. 

Can you take human aggressive or fearful dogs?

It depends on how aggressive or fearful your dog is towards people, and how long it takes your dog to make friends with new people. For dogs who are fearful or aggressive towards new people, we do require at least one 30-45 minute meet and greet before boarding. If your dog is wary of new people, please let us know in your initial email so we can start planning for your first visit.

Please be aware that we do book up a few months in advance for holidays, holiday weekends, and summer vacation. If you have a trip planned, please do not delay in scheduling your dog’s stay with us.


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Positive Reinforcement Training for Central Maryland: serving Frederick, New Market, Union Bridge, Mt. Airy, Libertytown, Sykesville, Eldersburg, and Westminster.


About Us


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Positive Reinforcement Training for Central Maryland: serving Frederick, New Market, Union Bridge, Mt. Airy, Libertytown, Sykesville, Eldersburg, and Westminster.