“Puppy Prodigy”

Did you know that it is essential to socialize your puppy to hundreds of people, dogs, places, and objects before they are 16 weeks old? Did you know that the number one reason dogs are surrendered to a shelter is because of behavior problems? Did you know it can cost thousands of dollars in veterinary and behaviorist fees to try and fix the problems caused by a lack of early socialization? Do you have a young puppy, but don’t have time to give them the exercise and socialization they need? Sign up for Puppy Prodigy!

How it works: Similar to our Train-ercise walks, but formatted specifically for puppies under 6 months. We will not only exercise your puppy and work on attention and leash skills in public, but we will also take him or her on socialization field trips to parks, pet stores, and other dog friendly locations. Since we are professionals, we can appropriately socialize your puppy at their own pace, without scaring them or pushing them.

Who it’s for: Any puppy under 6 months old – the younger the better. This program is especially helpful for shy, hyper, or large breed puppies to stop problems before they grow larger than you can handle (the problems, or the dog!). Your puppy must have had their first set of shots, and be on schedule for the rest of their vaccinations. We offer this service within 10┬ámiles of Eldersburg,MD – including most of Sykesville, Westminster, and Mt. Airy.

What you get: This intensive program includes: 5 (45+ minute) walks the first week with at least 2 including field trips; 3 (45+ minute) walks for three additional weeks, with at least one field trip per week; two in-person meetings to go over common puppy problems such as house training, chewing, nipping, etc.; as well as unlimited access to our puppy classes. You receive all of this for $1300.*

Contact us for more information, or to sign up!

*CLA accepts major credits cards as well as offering payment plans for large packages.

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