Barky Dog Management

Just wish you knew what to do when your dog starts barking and lunging – either on leash, in the yard, or in the house? Need help making a game plan to change your dog’s big emotional reactions?

Barky Dog Management offers all of the support and guidance offered at our in person classes, now with lower stress and added flexibility.

We promise – no wardrobe, house cleaning, or household craziness judgement here.

Questions? Concerns?

How It Works

Private Facebook Group

Join us for 24/7 access to lectures, questions, tips, tricks, and brags – as well as a community of dog owners who understand exactly what you’re going through.


Live Training Sessions

Once a week, join us for a live training session from your living room with Zoom! We’ll coach you and your dog in real time on the week’s behaviors, plus an opportunity for questions.

Unlimited Access

You’ll recieve 4 weeks of coaching – but feel free to stay in the group as long as you want. The material is yours to take advantage of.

What We’ll Cover

Each week, we will cover 3 or more new skills to help you in all aspects of your life with your dog.

On Leash skills are behaviors that are specific to on leash walking, and how to manage your dog, your leash, and your treats all at once.
At Home skills address those pesky annoying behaviors at home, such as barking at dogs walking past the house.
Out & About behaviors are perfect for using outdoors, either in the world at large or in your backyard.

We’ll also cover topics such as muzzle training, what equipment is most appropriate for you and your dog, quick and easy environmental management tips, and more!

Week 1

  • What Is Reactivity?
  • Discovering Your Dog’s Salary
  • Introduction to Equipment
  • Managing the Environment
  • On Leash: “Here!”
  • At Home: Mat Work & Relaxation

Week 2

  • Muzzle Chat
  • On Leash: “Let’s go!”
  • At Home: “Touch!” & Mat Work
  • Out & About: Look & Dismiss

Week 3

  • On Leash: Switching Sides
  • At Home: “Thank you!”
  • Out & About: “Find it!”

Week 4

  • On Leash: Cookie Magnet
  • At Home: Rapid Recalls
  • Out & About: Jump Up & Paws Up
Requirements for class include:

Internet connection and a device you are comfortable with: desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.

A Facebook account


A camera for recording video (phone or webcam is fine!)

An open mind!

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1. Select your start date.

2. Click “Continue.”

3. Fill out accompanied forms
and payment information.

4. You will recieve a confirmation email with a link to our private Facebook group, as well as the Zoom link for your first live training session.